Thinking About Homeschool Bible Curriculum?



Has the “new normal” got you thinking about a homeschool Bible curriculum to add to your children’s education? Online learning is the reality for many families. Your children’s biblical education has never been more important! Union Gospel Press has the Bible curriculum you need to give your children the assurance they need during difficult times and the tools to grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord!

Homeschool Bible curriculum for all ages!

Do you want your students to gain a firm knowledge of Scripture? The Bible exposition veterans at Union Gospel Press want to help. Illuminate Bible Series has a unique approach that will enrich their studies with intelligent, reliable, and stimulating Bible knowledge. Your students will genuinely enjoy these engaging Bible lessons in their exploration of God’s truth. The curriculum studies many Scriptures and exposits God’s Word, but it is much more than a textbook. Each day, students are led to praise God and exalt Jesus as they see the riches of His grace and glory throughout Scripture. And it is designed to be done together.

The Lord has illuminated glorious truths to His children through His Word, and they are worth a lifetime of study.

The unchanging truth of God’s Word illuminates our path (Ps. 119:105). Whether in the classroom or around the dining room table, Illuminate Bible Series can lead students from grades 1 through 12 into daily, in-depth discovery of God’s truth. It works great as a homeschool Bible curriculum!

Illuminate Bible Series is separated into two studies that can teach multiple ages in one book—the Discovery Guide for elementary students (1st to 6th grade), and the Student Guide for upper grade students (7th to 12th grade). Each book is a teacher manual that contains thirty-two week-long studies of the most prominent Bible stories, leading students to explore the glorious depths of God’s Word throughout the course of a school year. Each week, students explore a variety of stories and passages of the Bible and are led to:

  • EXAMINE them in their context
  • CONNECT them to related Scriptures
  • MINE them for doctrinaltruth
  • APPLY them to daily living

Student workbooks allow for further application of daily lessons.

Dive in and get ready for God’s eternal truth to illuminate your students for years to come!

The following publications can be purchased for each year of study:

Elementary Grades (1st – 6th)


Upper Grades (7th – 12th)


Illuminate Bible Series Video Lessons

We are excited to also introduce new Illuminate Bible Series Video Lessons for elementary students—a one-year subscription with full access to 160 videos for a whole year of daily Bible study! The video lessons are aligned with the daily lessons from the Discovery Guide, Volume 1: God Our Savior. Each five-minute video teaches important Bible lessons in a way that is sure to engage and disciple your children! This is the perfect companion to the Discovery Guide for students from 1st to 6th grade.

When all is said and done, six year-long studies will be available for each age group, giving you twelve years of excellent homeschool Bible curriculum. Your children can grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord as they study the amazing wisdom found in God’s Word and live out its truths from first grade all the way to graduation.

Preview a sample of our Illuminate Video Series!


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