Gospel Herald

The GOSPEL HERALD AND THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES is our 32-page family magazine. This magazine, in one format or another, has been in Christian homes since 1902.

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The feature articles cover many topics. Some sample titles are: “The Christian as a Believer-Priest,” “Lessons That Bless,” “The Seventy Sevens of Daniel,” “Improving One’s Prayer Life,” “Coming to Terms with Pluralism,” and “Is God Still in Control?” There also are regular articles each quarter that cover parts of Scripture. There are testimonies of faith as well as stories with a Christian perspective for adults, teens, and younger children.

The recurring departments include meditations, book reviews, tips for working with teens, advice for fathers, advice for mothers, a feature on missions, as well as articles geared to Christian educators and pastors and more. The GOSPEL HERALD AND THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES is illustrated with full-color art and photography. It is a magazine that would be a welcome addition in any Christian home.

If you would like to be considered for a position as an assignment writer for the GOSPEL HERALD AND THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES, click here.

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