Sunday School Lessons for Senior High

Senior High
          Ages 15-17

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Senior High Bible Teacher   $3.50

STSP20.jpgEach Senior High Bible Teacher lesson fortifies the teacher with a wealth of spiritual truth and up-to-date lesson applications that are designed to whet the appetites of new students and to maintain high interest in regular class members. The teacher will find inspirational articles, daily Bible readings, lesson-planning aids, and thorough lesson expositions that combine to make this quarterly invaluable to the teacher. Senior High Bible Teacher will help the teacher effectively communicate the Bible truths of each week’s lesson. Eighty pages, published quarterly.

Senior High Bible Class   $3.25

SCSP20.jpgSenior High Bible Class presents the message of each Scripture lesson in weekly features that challenge senior high youths and at the same time hold their attention. The spiritual growth of the students is facilitated by daily Bible readings to encourage daily private devotions, thought-provoking applications based on the Scripture text, and questions that lead students to a better understanding of God’s Word. Senior High Bible Class will help faithful users mature in Christian faith and fellowship. Forty-eight pages, published quarterly.