Sunday School Lessons for Primary

Ages 6-8 

Primary Bible Teacher   $2.25

PTFA19.jpgPrimary Bible Teacher is a useful teaching tool that helps the teacher present a meaningful lesson each Sunday. Many sections of helps for the teacher cover the lesson from all aspects. Each lesson of Primary Bible Teacher offers a section on planning visual aids, truths to stress, and features that concentrate on presenting the lesson and helping the children remember it as well as a discussion of the week’s golden text. Get the most from the Sunday school lesson with Primary Bible Teacher. Forty-eight pages, published quarterly.

Primary Bible Learner   $2.00


Large type makes Primary Bible Learner easy for primaries to read on their own. Lesson quizzes help reinforce each Sunday’s Bible lesson, while illustrated stories, poems, and a novel attendance chart hold the children’s interest. Thirty-two pages, published quarterly.

New!  Growing Together!   $3.25

GTFA19.jpgYour whole church can learn together with Growing Together!, our innovative 8½-by-11-inch publication for teaching ages four to eleven the same Scripture as the adult lessons. Designed to be versatile, each quarter’s issue doubles as a teacher and class book and includes elements you can mix and match to suit the needs of your particular class. The Bible lessons and practical teaching tips take the guesswork out of teaching. Students will be inspired and challenged as they enjoy the weekly crafts, puzzles, and activities, which further explore and reinforce aspects of the lesson texts. Forty-eight pages, published quarterly.

How is Growing Together! different from the other children’s publications?

Union Gospel Press has created two outstanding scope and sequences, one for adults and another for children. All quarterlies for adults down to the Intermediate level follow the adult scope and sequence; children’s quarterlies (for Junior through Beginner) are based on the children’s scope and sequence. Growing Together! however, is unique in that it is for children and yet based on the adult scope and sequence.


Forming Foundations   $2.00

FFFA19.jpgWith Forming Foundations, learning the Bible just got fun again! Children will truly love Union Gospel Press’ new take-home paper for primaries (which replaces the previous paper, My Jewels). The delightful features, stories, and activities, large format (8½-by-11-inches) and full-color graphics will always keep them coming back for more! 

Primary Helps and Handwork   $2.00

PHFA19.jpgEach lesson of this quarterly contains instructive, entertaining handwork and a story to aid the primary child’s Christian growth. Here are the activity ideas that every teacher welcomes to supplement the Sunday school lesson. The teacher can help the children do the handwork in the classroom, or the children can take the booklet home and family members can assist them with the handwork. Thirty-two pages, published quarterly.

Our Bible Picture Talks   $2.00


Our Bible Picture Talks is made up of three-by-four-inch cards that supplement the quarter’s lessons with colorful Bible pictures and a brief summary of the week’s Bible lesson. Our Bible Picture Talks cards may be used by themselves, or boys and girls can paste these collectible cards in Boys and Girls' Album, which contains a brief summary of each week’s Scripture lesson as well as stories, pictures to color, and poems. There is one card for each Sunday in the quarter, published quarterly. 

Boys and Girls' Album   $2.00


Boys and Girls' Album is a booklet in which children can paste an Our Bible Picture Talks card each week. This workbook also contains each week’s Scripture lesson in language geared to young children, stories that hold their interest, pictures to color, and poems. This supplement to the regular class book will help children recall the Sunday school lesson throughout the week. Thirty-two pages, published quarterly. 

Bible Adventures to Color   For Kids   $1.80


The original Union Gospel Press coloring book, Bible Adventures to Color: For Kidsoffers forty 8½-by-11-inch, ready-to-color pictures for children ages 4 through 11. This is a fun way for children to learn about Jesus and creatively engage with God’s Word. This is not a quarterly publication.


Noah's Ark   $1.80


This lively publication features 40 pictures to color for children ages 4 through 11. The book tells the story of Noah’s ark, helping children engage with the Bible in a fun and creative way. Every picture is explained in age-appropriate language, including relevant Scripture verses. This is an exciting aid for every child’s Christian growth. This is not a quarterly publication.


Bible Adventures to Color     Life of David   $1.95

Life of David.jpg

Our Bible Adventures to Color series offers this attractive coloring book focusing on the exciting life of David. It is an effective aid to help children creatively engage with Scripture. With 40 pictures to color, children ages 4 through 11 will learn from David what it means to have a relationship with God at a young age. This is not a quarterly publication.


The Story of Christmas   $2.00


The miraculous birth of Jesus is one of the most important stories of the Bible. This coloring book features captivating images that portray the nativity story of our Saviour. The 40 ready-to-color pictures help children learn about the climax of God’s wonderful plan of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ. This is not a quarterly publication.

Carols of Christmas   $2.00

Carols of Christmas Cover.jpg

The Carols of Christmas coloring book will help children experience the wonder and joy of Christ’s birth as they learn songs of praise. Nineteen beloved Christmas carols are accompanied by charming images that children ages 4 through 11 can color as they learn to sing the story of the Saviour’s birth. This is not a quarterly publication.