Sunday School Lessons for Junior

     Ages 9-11

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Junior Bible Teacher  $3.50

JTSP20.jpgTeachers of juniors need to check out the newly designed Junior Bible Teacher! It is an irreplaceable and creative source of helps for motivating juniors to study and enjoy each week’s Bible lesson. Junior Bible Teacher assists the teacher in capturing juniors’ attention and encouraging active class participation. Specific teaching aids include helpful and practical articles on Christian education, inspirational poetry, a discussion of the golden text, and answers to the activities in the class quarterly. Forty-eight pages, published quarterly.

Junior Bible Class   $3.25

JCSP20.jpgJuniors will discover that learning can be fun with the newly designed Junior Bible Class! Every lesson is presented in a meaningful, lively, and creative format. Juniors love their own special class book because it not only gives them their lessons in language they can easily understand but also challenges their developing minds with interesting and fun activities that increase their understanding. There is a special attendance chart, a letter from the writer to the juniors, and a story. Juniors can be encouraged to use the Bible readings in establishing their own private daily devotions. Forty-eight pages, published quarterly.

Bible Adventures to Color    For Kids   $1.80


The original Union Gospel Press coloring book, Bible Adventures to Color: For Kids offers forty 8½-by-11-inch, ready-to-color pictures for children ages 4 through 11. This is a fun way for children to learn about Jesus and creatively engage with God’s Word. This is not a quarterly publication..

Noah's Ark   $1.80


This lively publication features 40 pictures to color for children ages 4 through 11. The book tells the story of Noah’s ark, helping children engage with the Bible in a fun and creative way. Every picture is explained in age-appropriate language, including relevant Scripture verses. This is an exciting aid for every child’s Christian growth. This is not a quarterly publication.



Bible Adventures to Color     Life of David   $1.95

Life of David.jpg

Our Bible Adventures to Color series offers this attractive coloring book focusing on the exciting life of David. It is an effective aid to help children creatively engage with Scripture. With 40 pictures to color, children ages 4 through 11 will learn from David what it means to have a relationship with God at a young age. This is not a quarterly publication.


The Story of Christmas   $2.00


The miraculous birth of Jesus is one of the most important stories of the Bible. This coloring book features captivating images that portray the nativity story of our Saviour. The 40 ready-to-color pictures help children learn about the climax of God’s wonderful plan of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ. This is not a quarterly publication.


Carols of Christmas   $2.00

Carols of Christmas Cover.jpg

The Carols of Christmas coloring book will help children experience the wonder and joy of Christ’s birth as they learn songs of praise. Nineteen beloved Christmas carols are accompanied by charming images that children ages 4 through 11 can color as they learn to sing the story of the Saviour’s birth. This is not a quarterly publication.