Sunday School Lessons for Intermediate

          Ages 12-14

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Intermediate Bible Teacher   $3.50

ITSP20.jpgIntermediate Bible Teacher  presents an exposition of the Scripture text that is geared to middle school and junior high school students. Included in each quarterly are helps for the teacher in preparing and presenting the lesson, sidelights on lesson facts, research and discussion topics, and an outline of the lesson. Editorials and daily Bible readings supplement the lessons. By using Intermediate Bible Teacher, the teacher of intermediates can be fully prepared to present an inspiring lesson every Sunday. Sixty-four pages, published quarterly.

Intermediate Bible Class   $3.25

ICSP20.jpgMiddle school and junior high students will find that Intermediate Bible Class is an enjoyable aid to studying God’s Word. Lessons with special application for intermediates offer guidance and instruction and promote Christian living. Each lesson of Intermediate Bible Class contains a discussion of the Scripture text, applications of the lesson, daily Bible readings, and a lesson test. Teachers can strengthen their intermediates’ faith by using this effective learning tool. Forty-eight pages, published quarterly.