Future Changes!

Customers, please note the following future changes! YOUTH HOME ACTIVITY will no longer be available after Summer Quarter 2018, and MY PAPER, MY JEWELS, and MY PLEASURE, our take-home papers, will no longer be available after Winter Quarter 2017-18; however, we have exciting new material to offer you!

Starting with Spring Quarter 2018, we will have the following take-home papers with a fresh look: LITTLE BUILDERS (ages 4, 5), FORMING FOUNDATIONS (ages 6-8), and STANDING STRONG (ages 9-11). In addition, HOME STUDY, our publication for those who cannot attend church regularly, will be offered in a large-print edition. Also, starting with Winter Quarter 2018-19, we will offer Spanish editions of ADULT BIBLE TEACHER and ADULT BIBLE CLASS, our adult lesson material for teachers and students.

Click on publications below to see samples of LITTLE BUILDERS, FORMING FOUNDATIONS, and STANDING STRONG.

Call us at (800) 638-9988 to place an order.